Mindless Movie Monday

A Visit to the Unemployment Office
My car boasts a little bumper damage from a small accident I had with a concrete barrier while pulling out of a parking spot. Today, I’m driving around the parking lot of the North Metro Career Center (i.e., the unemployment office) trying to find a spot when this guy in a convertible pulls up. He motions me to roll down my window, which I do, and proceeds to say “I can fix that bumper for you real cheap.” I respond, “Well, I’m out of work right now, so I can’t really spend the money.” He tries again: “Really, I can do it cheap for you.” I shout back, “Dude, look where I am! I’m at the unemployment office!” I give him that “duh” look, like “how dumb are you?” He pulls away. Seriously. He obviously hadn’t done his target audience research.

Mindless Movie Monday Moment
In light of the kind reminder that I have no money or no job, I feel the need to settle down in front of a mindless movie. You know, some really bad cinematic gem that makes you stare into space, take a nap or, better yet, make you say “hey, they’ve got it worse than I do.” Am scrolling through TV listings. Dang–wish I had the Lifetime Movie Network (had to cut back on cable). “Half a Dozen Babies” is on. Talk about making myself feel better.

Here’s a quick synopsis: Young, broke couple (played by cheesy soap duo Scott and Melissa Reeves of “Young and the Restless”/”Days of Our Lives” fame) meet at a Chuck-E-Cheese-alike joint, get married, go on fertility drugs and, what a surprise, pop out six kids! Everyone’s shocked. They have a hard time paying bills, working and raising the kids. It’s based on a true story. The thought of that alone makes me want to cry. I mean, really. All I’ve got is a dog. Life is good.


One response to “Mindless Movie Monday

  1. I’d love to see the movie, “She Woke Up”, starring Lindsay Wagner. Would that be possible? If so, please e-mail me the date it will be showing. I’ll sure be there! Thanks

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