Woe is Me Wednesday

I usually don’t give myself the opportunity to feel sorry for myself about being laid-off. What’s the point? There are millions of people out of work around the country, and many of them have families to support, mortgages, etc. I’ve got a dog to feed.

That said, I’m going to establish Wednesday as the one day of the week when I can say “woe is me”. For the time it takes me to draft this post, I can bitch and moan about my situation as much as I want. Then, it’s over. Why don’t you join me? It will really help you put a cap on those “I’m so pitiful”, “I’m never going to find a job” moments.

Today, I’m just going to say that I really want to go out to eat today. I mean, sit down at a nice restaurant with a linen napkin on my lap and a $10 glass of red wine in my hand. But I can’t. It would be a waste of money knowing I’ve got a phone bill, cable and rent to pay soon. A girl can dare to dream.

Until then, I guess I’ll be hitting the McDonald’s $1 menu for an out-of-home meal treat. Mmmmm…. double cheeseburger for .99. Oh, the possibilties! Ok–I’m done.


3 responses to “Woe is Me Wednesday

  1. Don’t forget the chicken nuggets at Wendy’s!

  2. Use your time wisely! When I was on bedrest for months before and after I has my son, I wasted so much time feely sorry for myself. I wish I had used that time to do some strategic planning, reading books that educated more about new techonology in my industry, prayed more, and knitted a sweater or something. Look for some free events to go to with free food and wine. Host a potluck at your house. Tell everyone to bring something. And 3 buck Chuck wine sure tastes good from Trader Joe’s. But most of all spend time dreaming and planning what you’re going to do when you get your next big break. It’ll be here before you know it!

  3. MaryAnn Works, you speak the truth!

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