Friday Night Lights

Could anMy Friday Night Lightything be more pathetic?

With no regular paycheck coming in, my social life has pretty much ground to a halt. My excitement consists of drooling over Coach Taylor on “Friday Night Lights”, watching “moment of truth” movies on Lifetime and maybe sipping on something from the Under $6 wine section at Trader Joe’s.

There is an upside: I rarely wake up hungover or tired, and I often get a lot done. I recently pulled into the Target parking lot at 9:30 a.m. I didn’t even recognize myself! Who knew it would take unemployment to make a responsible citizen out of me?


One response to “Friday Night Lights

  1. OMG – i just was searching for a picture of Coach Taylor, as I am pathetic too, ( but employed) and came across your post. I have just laughed my ass off.

    Thansk for making my day

    I still love Coach Taylor though. Damn!


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