Special Miss Pink Slip Award for Mickey Rourke, Patron Saint of the Jobless

How can we let this year go by without honoring a man who has literally come back from the dead?

Mickey Rourke went from hot soft-porn hunk (“9 1mirrorukcompairisonphoto1/2 Weeks”) to bitter out-of-work boxer and, well, deadbeat. No one wanted to cast him, he was pissed off and volatile. This guy couldn’t have gotten work at a grocery store deli counter (which, ironically, he does in “The Wrestler”).

But we love comebacks!

Mickey Rourke knocked himself out (literally) in “The Wrestler”, and now everyone in America adores him again. His ring entrance to “Sweet Child of Mine” still sends chills up and down my arm. This man (and this movie) shows that anyone can be down and out, but if you shake the chip off your shoulder and humble yourself, you just might be able to work your way back to stardom.

Good luck tomorrow night, Mickey. I’ll be rooting for you!                                                                                 (Photo: Mirror UK)


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