Revisit Your Inner Kid

There are so many magazines out right now touting solutions for stress, and their tips are universally good: running1

  • Breathe deep (duh, but it works)
  • Talk with friends
  • Exercise
  • Say prayers
  • Write in a journal

But if you’re unemployed and sitting around bored or depressed, try something else today that I think will work just as well and be a lot more fun.

Go back to the days when you were a kid. When you had no other obligations than a little math homework and maybe piano lessons. When you rode your bike outside for hours with your friends until dark, then went home to collapse into bed or watch “Diff’rent Strokes”. Take a few hours to revisit that time and feel what it’s like to be silly and immature again. No one will scold you or send you to your room. I do guarantee that you’ll find yourself with a big, fat smile on your face. Here are a few of Miss Pink Slip’s ideas:margaret

  • Join a local kickball league (usually sponsored by a bar–yay, fun!)
  • Pick up a Judy Blume or Choose Your Own Adventure book. Man, a good reading of Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret will really put things in perspective. That chick had some way serious issues (snark). For bonus points, find yourself an installment of Sweet Valley High. The frisky adventures of Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield should perk up any bad day! 
  • Play ball with your furry BFF at the neighborhood dog park
  • Sit in the park and eat a sickeningly sweet ice cream cone or Push-Up with friends
  • Grab your friends and go rollerskating…preferably at a rink with an “old school” night
  • Sit in your room listening to cheesy, loud music and daydreaming about your favorite heartthrob while gabbing on the phone with an old friend (painting your nails is another degree of difficulty here)

You see what I mean. If you have other good ideas to share, let me know in the “comments” section. The possibilities are endless!

2 responses to “Revisit Your Inner Kid

  1. Create an inspiration board or binder with things that motivate you to be the best!

    Another good idea is to create a cookbook binder with tears from those magazines you’ve been meaning to throw away.

  2. Love that! Almost bought a bulletin board at Target today. I do have a style file, though, where I keep clippings and inspiration.

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