Would Linus Have Worn a Snuggie?

linus2Snuggie Keeps Business Reporters Warm
From MediaPost’s Marketing Daily 3/2/09

As the article states, “yes, this is another marketing story about the Snuggie.” It goes on to talk about the Snuggie’s overwhelming popularity, attributing it to “cheap ad prices” and “prime-time ad buys” as well as Americans’ need to curb heating bills.

I think they’re missing the point.

Frankly, it’s a security blanket.

The Snuggie has made us laugh out loud and wonder if anyone really would have trouble handling a remote control while wrapped in a regular blanket. But, in a strange way, it makes us feel warm and cozy and think, “that’s the most stupid thing I’ve ever seen. I have to have one.”

I think people are using the Snuggie as a grownup replacement for the childhood blanket. How many of you have come home from a crap day at work, just to want to wrap up in your old, warm, ratty blanket, curl up on the couch with your dog and watch endless reruns of “The Cosby Show” on Nick at Nite? Why? It’s familiar. It’s home. It’s a reflection of that time of your life when you had no worries except to make sure you got home in time for dinner. It’s that subconscious need for comfort during times of stress and anxiety.

I wonder how many laid-off and unemployed people own a Snuggie. Do you have one? C’mon, you can tell me.


5 responses to “Would Linus Have Worn a Snuggie?

  1. Snuggies are great for watching shows such as this: http://www.tvland.com/prime/shows/cougar/

  2. Oh, Vivica. She might just qualify as a Patron Saint of the Jobless with that new gig.

  3. nope- far too frugal to spend money on an oversized backwards sweater when I have loads of blankies on the sofa.

  4. the Snuggie give you an excuse to dress like a Jedi

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