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Nagging Cough? Bad Allergies Getting You Down? Go to the Doctor…for Free!


Walgreen Offers Free Clinic Visits to People Unemployed as of March 31
(must have visited the in-store clinic before)

If you don’t have COBRA and just got laid off, Walgreen is your new best friend.

“[a] typical visit to one of the clinics, which treat minor ailments such as colds, usually costs $59 or more for patients with no insurance.”


Get Your Free Government Therapy! Is Free Prozac Included?

When they’re not worried about AIG or any other POS company running into the ground, the government is worried about YOU!

Web site addresses emotional side of economic downturn 

“The federal government has launched a Web site to address mental and physical health risks related to the economic turmoil.”


Tipsy Tuesday: People Are Drinking More at Home? Say It Ain’t So!

Courtesy of today’s MediaPost‘s Marketing Daily

Consumers Trade Down, Drink More At Home, Beverage Information Group Says

Looking for at-home drinkin’ ideas? Visit

Please. For God’s Sake. Don’t Spend Your Hard-Earned Unemployment on fUGGs

uglyWhat Uggs Say About the Economy: 

“Aside from spending less, shoppers are choosing differently when they indulge. What are they buying? In a word, Uggs.”

Tipsy Tuesday: Big Easy Grille

newlogo6Just saw an ad for Big Easy Grille‘s “Top 10 Recession Survival Tips”. In case you missed it, I’ll give ya a little recap:

  • Mondays – Abita Beer for $2.75
  • Tuesdays – 1/2 price appetizers after 5 p.m.
  • Wednesdays – Bud/Bud Light buckets for $12; Crawfish $6/lb.
  • Thusdays – Oysters on the 1/2 shell for $5/dozen
  • Saturdays – $4.25 Hurricane, French Quarter Quencher, Alligator Martini and more
  • Sundays – $4.25 Cajun Bloody Mary or Mimosa
  • EVERY DAY – $2 Miller High Life Light

Big Easy Grille is on Collier Road near Fox & Hound.

MPS Newsstand: Cosmopolitan April 2009

…the first in a new series

The ashley-tisdale-cosmopolitan-april-2009-cover1Good:

  • Hot TV guys pictured in “Man Manual” section; REALLY hot Simon Baker profile on pg. 71
  • p. 139 “How to Jump-Start a Car” – Practical and smart
  • pp. 140-142 “Love Your Life” – Cheap, fun ways to perk up your daily routine
  • p. 144-146 “How to Fireproof Your Job” – If you’re still employed, how to keep your gig

The Bad:

  • Ashley Tisdale on the cover – What are we? 12?

The Ugly

  • p. 73 features “7 Ridiculously Good Deals” – Could be good if the clothes weren’t so damn cheesy
  • p. 76 “Guilt-Free Designer Finds” – Equally cheesy

Verdict: Three pink slips. Okay–I know we’re supposed to be focusing on the recession here, but there are some good dating tips in the back of the book. Could save you a trip to the psychologist.

Mindless Movie Monday: Before He Wakes


There isn’t a more perfect cautionary tale for our time than “Before He Wakes” starring “Charlie’s Angels”/K-Mart Kitten Jaclyn Smith. She’s a Stepford Wife-poseur turned gold digging psycho murderer. Ladies–if you can’t pay your Visa bill, offing your hubby ain’t the answer. 

From “Jaclyn Smith stars in this true-crime drama about a seemingly devoted wife and mom desperate to live a life of luxury. This material girl may have even killed her spouse when he stood in the way of her spending spree. But the scheming widow never counted on her late hubby’s first wife trying to prove what really happened. Bad move for this murderer!”