From the NYTimes Opinion Blog: Anti-Networking!?

What to Do When You Lose Your Job

This is a good read and features tips and anecdotes from a panel of experts. However, there’s one idiot on the panel named Stephen Viscusi who gives networking a big thumbs down.

He says, “One thing that doesn’t work is ‘networking’ — surely the most overused word in the English language. Everyone is as scared as you. Everyone is looking for work, even when they have a job. So don’t tell your unemployed or employed friends what you’re doing, since it’s unlikely they can help you.”

I replied to this piece, and I’ll tell you that I wholeheartedly disagree. Networking helped me get my job. It didn’t happen immediately, but it did happen.

The more you get in front of people, the more they see how wonderful you are and the more they want to help you. Phone calls and emails to contacts just don’t do the trick by themselves.

Also, groups popping up all over town have been nothing but collegial. If you’re not willing to be there for your fellow unemployed, woe be unto you. As I said in my comments, “karma is a bitch”.

I have no idea what Viscusi is talking about.


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