She’s Recession Roadkill!

Last night, I watched the “Sex and the City” episode where Carrie busts her ass on the runway during carrie_from_sex_and_the_city1a Margaret Cho-directed fashion show. She’s all dolled up (courtesy of Kevin Aucoin and Dolce & Gabbana), hair teased to high-heaven and shoes even higher than the hair. She’s feelin’ it. She’s rockin’ it. She hits the catwalk (literally), and Stanford utters the classic line: “she’s fashion roadkill!”

I thought about all the layoff victims along with rising unemployment numbers, and I had to wonder: “Has the economy rendered us recession roadkill?”

Just like Carrie famously collapsing in front of New York’s fashion elite,  the pink-slipped feel like they have busted ass on the proverbial employment runway. We’ve been bopping along in our jobs, confident, enjoying a regular paycheck, etc. when boom! The dollar bottoms out and we’re collecting unemployment faster than you can say “Cosmopolitan”.

There’s actually a lesson to learn here. You may trip, fall and writher on the ground for a bit, but then you have to get up, dust yourself off and keep on going — even with one shoe and Heidi Klum stepping all over you. In the end, you emerge steady, brave and boasting more character than you ever thought imaginable.


2 responses to “She’s Recession Roadkill!

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