Self Magazine Article Can Help Keep Chronic Candy Eaters Sane and Svelte

selfmagazinelogo_stackedAfter reading the New York Times article about candy-shoveling job seekers, you might be wondering, “are the Gummy Bears going to eat me next?” Not if Self Magazine has anything to do with it!

Self‘s April issue boasts a story about stress eating and avoiding “recession pounds”. Click below for more info:

In all seriousness, it’s hard to keep tabs on a healthy diet when you’re parked at home all day in your pajama pants worrying about money. Below are a few tips from Miss Pink Slip’s own unemployment food fight:

  • I tried to keep fruit and minimal junk around the house, knowing that if it wasn’t there, I couldn’t eat it.
  • I reminded myself every day that I needed to spend my precious change on quality food, not crap.
  • I kept a couple of Weight Watchers sweets in the freezer in case my chocolate craving ran amok.
  • I allowed myself one cheat day a week. I would go out with my friends, spend a little money I’d been hoarding all week and eat a fat Mexican meal, complete with unlimited chips, queso and salsa (insert your weakness here).

The point: you can’t torture yourself, but you don’t have to go nuts, either. As always, moderation is key.


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