MPS Newsstand Coming Soon!

magazinesMagazines are a good cheap treat for the unemployed, but when there are so many gorgeous, colorful covers boasting “ultimate hair how-tos”, “pinching pennies” budget info as well as the latest fashion tips, gossip and in-depth features, etc., it can get overwhelming…and expensive!

You might remember that I have declared myself an unrepentant magazine whore. I’ve got subscriptions to about 15 magazines and often buy single-copy issues of others. It’s ridiculous. But, I’ve decided to turn my addiction into something positive for you.

Each month, I’ll give you a sneak peek of your favorite women’s, fashion and lifestyle publications and let you know if it contains quality editorial relevant for you, the Pink Slip readers, and others in the unemployed nation. I’ll grade each issue on a scale of pink slips from one to four, four being best:

  • One Pink Slip – Don’t they know there’s a recession going on? Not worth denying yourself lunch.
  • Two Pink Slips– Read it online.
  • Three Pink Slips – Track down a friend’s copy. Better yet, steal it from your doctor’s office. Isn’t that what COBRA’s for?
  • Four Pink Slips – Scrape some pennies from your couch cushions and head down to Target. Pronto.

I have an obnoxious stack of mags to go through for you. Will be back shortly with some April selections!


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