MPS Newsstand: Cosmopolitan April 2009

…the first in a new series

The ashley-tisdale-cosmopolitan-april-2009-cover1Good:

  • Hot TV guys pictured in “Man Manual” section; REALLY hot Simon Baker profile on pg. 71
  • p. 139 “How to Jump-Start a Car” – Practical and smart
  • pp. 140-142 “Love Your Life” – Cheap, fun ways to perk up your daily routine
  • p. 144-146 “How to Fireproof Your Job” – If you’re still employed, how to keep your gig

The Bad:

  • Ashley Tisdale on the cover – What are we? 12?

The Ugly

  • p. 73 features “7 Ridiculously Good Deals” – Could be good if the clothes weren’t so damn cheesy
  • p. 76 “Guilt-Free Designer Finds” – Equally cheesy

Verdict: Three pink slips. Okay–I know we’re supposed to be focusing on the recession here, but there are some good dating tips in the back of the book. Could save you a trip to the psychologist.


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