People Style Watch April 2009

The Good:

  • Gets right to “Get the Look for Less” on p. 18 (cute Old Navy bangles for $9.50)
  • Great summer features on p. 50’s “This Month at Target”. Loving the acid green patent vinyl sandals by Miss Trish of Capri!
  • “The Look for Less” on pp.56-57. Cute stone-colored blazer. Even if it’s $150, it’s a piece you can wear for years
  • p. 124’s “Designer for Less”. Quick tips from Oprah’s boy-toy Nate.
  • “6 Foods That Lower Stress” on p. 126 – Definitely something we need! Who knew kidney beans and oatmeal could keep you from jumping off the ledge when the unemployment office denies your claim
  • Discount Index on p. 133 – 25 discounts both online and in stores.

 The Bad:

  • Bright Ideas: Nothing Over $10 – Kinda tacky. And I will never accept that neon is coming back

The Ugly:

  • Everything Under $100! – Clothes are cheap looking and unremarkable
  • Guilt-Free Shopping – Again–cheap looking; also, the $295 Brahmin bag, $172 embellished tank and $118 Liz Claiborne bag certainly not “guilt-free

The Verdict: Three Pink Slips.Good variety of lifestyle topics. Even though the cuter clothes are pricey, the styles presented can give you ideas for tweaking your own inexpensive, yet comparable, pieces. Still, you can find a lot of similar content online.


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