Guest Blogger: Miss Pale Pink Coat Reveals Six Trusty Twitter Tips

Thank you, Miss Pale Pink Coat!


Six Tips For twitter-logoUsing Twitter Effectively


1.Don’t feel compelled to follow everyone who follows you.  If you’re just starting out on Twitter, you’ll feel compelled to follow everyone who follows you to build numbers.  This isn’t necessary.  The best approach to Twitter is quality over quantity.  I’d rather have 500 “followers” who are interested in what I have to say as much as I’m interested in what they have to say than 1500 “followers” who don’t participate in the conversation at all. Being selective does not mean you’re being rude, it means you’re paying attention.


2.Use a third party app like Tweetdeck which allows you to see all of your incoming tweets as well as DMs and pre-selected search terms within on screen.  This is a great option if you are tweeting for a business and have several search terms you follow during the day related to your business.


Participate! Okay, so you’re on Twitter, you’ve starting following people and collecting followers, you’ve tweeted a few times, now what?


3.PARTICIPATE.  Use the reply function – jump in the pool!  You see an interesting tweet, send a reply.  Someone shares a great link? Use the RT function to share it with your followers.  I hear from a lot of people “I just don’t get Twitter!” and when I ask them what they do with it they say “Oh, I dunno. I set up an account…”  Well, that account isn’t going to manage itself and participate in the community. Twitter is what you make of it.  The possibilities are endless.


4.Schedule time or as I like to say, step away from the Twitter.  It can become addictive and time consumming, so come up with a Twitter gameplan [an overall social media gameplan for that matter!]. Use a service like or to schedule tweets.


5.Share links related to your industry or business.  Describe the links you are sharing – saying “Great blend on sale today! “ with your link is less likely to get clicks or RTs than “Aromatic and smooth new free trade blend just arrived this morning!” Use services like or www.tweetburner.comto shorten and track your click thrus.


6.Invest in a custom Twitter background.  You only get a first chance at a first impression – so make it one that is IMPRESSIVE.  Companies like <a href=””></a> make great custom background that help to make that first impression count. Well worth $67.00!


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