Patron Saint of the Jobless: Cristy Lane

I was just about to appoint someone else my newest Patron Saint of the Jobless; then, I saw a commercial for Cristy Lane on CNN.

cristylaneThis woman’s hair has barely moved an inch in 30 years. A country and gospel singer, Lane is best known for her signature hit “One Day at a Time” (no, the song has nothing to do with Schneider or Valerie Bertinelli).

For years, her albums were sold via ubiquitous TV advertisements but then  she seemed to drop off the face of the Earth. Recently, those same commercials are being repurposed and are running non-stop. They pretty much have the same retro sensibilities and kitschiness of ads for the Snuggie. I mean, have I mentioned the hair?

Why do I name her a Patron Saint of the Jobless? Because this Godly lady has taken one song (or maybe three) and used it as a cornerstone for compilation albums again and again. She’s STILL making money off that one song…and that one commercial! She may not be actively working, but she’s cashing in. You betcha. Something’s gotta pay for all those perms and cans of hairspray.


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