A Lil’ Wardrobe Pick-Me-Up

orangeI needed a little pick me up today, so I headed on over to Old Navy, where I found some of the most colorful additions to a spring/summer wardrobe.

Got a great pair of low-rise, skinny white jeans (“Diva”) for $29.50, two basic white ribbed tank tops for $7.50 each and a fun, teal linen A-line dress that’s perfect for errands around town. I could have picked up so many other things – reasonable bathing suits and cover-ups, brightly colored linen-blend camp shirts, t-shirts for layering, etc. You can’t go wrong. Pictured is the camp shirt in orange for just$19.50. How cute would that be with the white jeans? Love it!

Believe me, I know money’s short, but even a couple of pieces can revive an existing wardrobe! Saves you in the end.

For more on bargain wardrobe additions, visit my friend The Broke Socialite or head over to RecessionWire for their story “Shoes on a Shoestring”!


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