April is National Humor Month

the_jerkThank God. We could all use as much as we can get.

I’ve listed below five movies that make me laugh ’til I’m sick. They may be stupid, but I don’t care. They do the job.  

What are your faves?

  • 1. Caddyshack
  • 2. Animal House
  • 3. Revenge of the Nerds
  • 4. The Jerk
  • 5. National Lampoon’s Vacation

Grab some popcorn (it’s cheap!), a six-pack and crawl into your already worn sofa for some much-needed guffaws.

**This list changes on a daily basis. I could always throw in “Raw” and “Delirious”.


One response to “April is National Humor Month

  1. I love all those movies! Another one to add (and one of our holiday favorites) is “Bad Santa”. Yes, it’s raw, and yes, it’s wrong. But the good guys actually prevail in the end, and that little kid is so pathetic he’s almost cute!

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