Patron Saint of the Jobless: It’s Tori Spelling Appreciation Day!

tori-spelling-jennie-garth-90210With the recent debut of a catty tell-all tome titled Stories from Candyland by her mother Candy, Tori Spelling deserves a positive shout-out. In fact, I’m just going to declare today Tori Spelling Appreciation Day!

This girl has been through the wringer: Bad nose job; botched boob work and marriage; crappy inheritance; psycho mother; anorexia rumors, etc.

Some might say her career has certainly mirrored her personal roller coaster. Throughout and after “Beverly Hills, 90210”, Tori  starred in some DOWNRIGHT FABULOUS Lifetime movies: “Mother, May I Sleep with Danger?”, “Death of a Cheerleader”, “Co-Ed Call Girl”, etc. Then, she got married, divorced, married again and birthed two cute kids. During that time, she also hit a career slump (“Trick”, anyone?), but E! came calling with “Tori and Dean Inn Love”, HSN is hawking her jewelry line and publishers cashed in with a #1 New York Times Best Seller, sTORItelling. She appeared to seek just a wee bit of attention and work.

…then “90210” came calling again, needing a hit of Donna Martin Silver. Even with a million other ventures in progress and much hubbub about salary disputes, Tori finally makes her second “90210” debut TONIGHT. AND, if that isn’t enough, she also releases her second book, Mommywood, from Simon Spotlight Entertainment today!

Welcome back, Donna. You’re an inspiration for all of us who have thought, at one time or another, “Stick a fork in us. We’re done.”

Donna Martin graduate! Donna Martin graduate!


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