MPS Newsstand: Glamour May 2009

The Good:

  • Dare of the Month “I’m Bromiley-cyrus-glamour-magazine-may-2009ke. Buy My Lemonade”, p. 60. Girl roams the streets of NYC carrying a tray filled with cups of lemonade and a sign begging people to contribute as part of her 5-cent “Recession Special”. Good idea. It was a joke, but she kind of racked up! Might be hitting up Midtown during lunch some day soon.
  • Ripped-Up Denim on p. 62 – Shredded jeans are cool again? Sweet! Now when the knee pops out of my old Gap jeans, they’ll actually be trendy. No need to buy new ones!
  • Beauty Q&A, p. 80 – Addresses cutting back on salon visits and drugstore buys
  • “The New Truths About Skin Cancer”, pp. 123 – 128. I don’t care how broke you are. This is a priority and worth paying for COBRA so your dermie can do a once-over before summer kicks in
  • The entire Life & Happiness section, including “How to Hang On To Your Job”. Cha-ching!
  • Lots of fun and frothy articles about men, relationships and sex. Everyone needs to escape
  • 7 Simple Ways to Lose Weight, pp. 221 – 225. Just common sense. No meetings or paying Jenny for oodles of pre-packaged food
  • Actual curvy girls featured in swimsuits

The Bad:

  • Food-related memoirs on p. 54. We’re trying our hardest to stay in for dinner and grocery shop on the cheap. Could care less about meal musings right now, much less paying $20+ a pop to read them
  • Swimsuits for every body, pp. 88 – 104. Only a handful of so-so suits under $100
  • Home decorating tips. Who has the cash?
  • My horoscope. Could it be any more vague?

The Ugly:

  • Miley Cyrus on the cover. Don’t read too much into why I put this under the “ugly” section. I am ABSOLUTELY not saying she’s “ugly”. Miley’s cute. But, seriously? Ashley Tisdale on the cover of April’s Cosmo, now this? Cindi Leive, Editor-in-Chief, attempts to rationalize the choice in her Editor’s Note, but I don’t care what she says. I don’t watch “Hannah Montana”, never was the age to watch “Hannah Montana” and am not planning to do the Achey Breaky anytime soon. Something tells me you aren’t, either.

Verdict: Four Pink Slips. Enough useful features and good, mindless articles to justify the spend.


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