Happy Earth Day, Pink Slip Nation!

10 free things the jobless can do to help save the Earth:

  1. If you aren’t interviewing, skip a hair wash. Better yet, if you’re staying in, skip the whole shower and save water! 🙂
  2. Email all resumes, if possible
  3. Use a job search tracker online like HappyJobSearch.com instead of filling up various notepads with contact names, random notes, etc.
  4. Turn off the TV and read to escape (something fun–not the latest unemployment numbers)
  5. Leave your car in the garage and take a stress-relieving walk outside
  6. Join your neighborhood clean up crew
  7. Give your laptop a much needed “coffee break” (i.e., turn it off and unplug it when not in use)
  8. Volunteer some free time to an environmental organization or charity
  9. Hook up with your neighborhood community garden. You could come away with some awesome tomatoes or squash in the process
  10. Search for a Green Job:  http://www.environmentalcareer.info/index.asp

Got any other ideas? Send them my way!


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