MPS Newsstand: Martha Stewart Living May 2009


The Good:

  • “The Culture of Color”, pp. 110 – 119. Good thoughts that could spur inexpensive, creative ideas
  • “Pizza Hot from the Oven”, pp. 120 – 127. Great ideas for entertaining. Trader Joe’s has awesome pizza dough that you can shape, toss and top with anything from fresh mozzarella to roasted onion to heirloom tomatoes. Fun for a group dinner at home
  • “Fit to Eat” feature on Mexican meals, pp. 150 – 153. See “Pizza” comments above
  • Sidebar titled “Breathe”, p. 40 – about the benefits of deep breathing, something we can all benefit from
  • “In the Pink” feature, pp. 88-90 – showcases five quality rose wines under $18 along with meal pairing ideas
  • Do-it-yourself Mother’s Day craft on p. 46. Now, I wouldn’t make my own “tea sachets” for Mom, but hey…you might!

The Bad:

  • “Holding Power” feature on favorite handbags, pp. 56 – 62. Gorgeous, but there are no prices listed. Is that akin to a restaurant menu with no prices? Either way, we can’t afford any of them
  • All decorating features – beautiful to look at but completely expensive and impractical. A girl can dare to dream

The Ugly:

  • “10 (More) Things a Fork Can Do” on p. 50 – I mean, really. Do I really need Martha to tell me that my normal dinner fork can be used to spear a pickle from a jar? Come on. Now, give me “10 (More) Things a Spork Can Do”, and that could be handy
  • “Bouquets by the Batch” on p. 53. Honestly. I can think of a hell of a lot more practical things I could be doing besides making sugar cookies, decorating them to look like flowers and arranging them in a wheatgrass “meadow”
  • “Beets, Unearthed”, p. 78. Yuck. All I can say

Verdict: Two Pink Slips. Pretty to look at and fun recipes, but not really practical on any level.


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