Pink Pick: Ask E. Jean

ejeanI love E. Jean Carroll. I’ve read her column in Elle for years. She’s like that friend who tells you when your jeans are too tight or that perhaps the guy you’re seeing ain’t up to no good. Honesty, pure and simple with a touch of manners and class. That’s E. Jean.

If you’re having a problem with the job hunt, dating, your mother, friends, bikini waxes, whatever…E. Jean is there. Just plug your question into the form provided on her home page, and she’ll respond! The site pulls keywords from your question and matches them up with similar answers she’s provided for women just like us over the years.

Awesome! And no co-pay or COBRA needed!


2 responses to “Pink Pick: Ask E. Jean

  1. Miss Pink Slip, you brilliant woman!

    I have been following your blog for a few weeks. You are the Fanny Burney of Unemployment!!

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