Guest Blogger: Miss Pale Pink Coat’s Top 7 Tips for Twitter Job Search Success

Use your Twitter account to find a job! A few simple tips will take you a long way …

1. Did you know you can customize your Twitter background? YES! It’s like free advertising – use that space. Invest in a custom twitter background and highlight your career successes – think of it as a mini resume.
2. Use a professional looking photo as your user image. No cheeky self portraits here please [save that for MySpace]. Post a clear crisp head shot.
3. Use the Twitter bio space for your job pitch. Think in keywords because searches are used for the bio space. Make sure a recruiter can find you.
4. Link to your LinkedIn profile or online resume
5. Tweet about your job search in an upbeat way. Debbie Downer doesn’t get the job, she’s too annoying.
6. Post links that fellow job seekers may find useful. Goodwill goes a long way.
7. Follow @MsPinkSlip_Blog


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