MPS Newsstand: Vogue May 2009

6e11fe022f3e5c94_vogue_may1_previewI’m not even going to break this one down into “The Good, The Bad, The Ugly”. There’s only one recession-relevant piece – Lynn Yaeger’s Up Front titled “On the Market” about reconciling “a love for buying beautiful things with her new freelance writer’s budget” – and it’s filled with Yaeger’s musings on having to give up Marc Jacobs t-shirts, a Lanvin bag, a tulle Comme de Garcons skirt and other former necessities. 

I can’t hate her, though. She did work at the Voice, likes Lean Cuisine and takes public transportation.  

Other articles include a roundtable of models, hotel highlights, fashions shot in India, a feature on what “three supermodels wear when the workday is done” and a photo shoot of models and their boyfriends.

It’s Vogue–should we expect any less? Do we actually think Anna Wintour and Andre Leon Talley would begin to feature entire fashion layouts of Forever 21 and Old Navy? Would they do an interview with Gisele Bundchen about her love of Tasti-D-Lite and Subway? I think not.

Verdict: One Pink Slip

–Confession: I love Vogue; it’s an escape. But, when times are down, it can warp reality for you in the time it takes to read Anna’s editor’s letter.


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