Daily Archives: May 8, 2009

Flood of Job Search Tips Coming!

Hey, Pink Slippers (and those who think they are on the verge of joining the legions):

I have been collecting some good, unique job search tips to share with you soon. I think you’ll find they’re much different from what all those standard job sites are telling you.


This Just In: National Unemployment at 8.9%; Men Losing More Jobs Than Women


The government just announced that the national unemployment rate has taken a leap from 8.5 percent to 8.9 percent and that 539,000 jobs were lost last month. It also reported that more men than women are losing their jobs due to hard-hit, male-dominated industries such as construction and finance.

Honestly, I know more women than men that are laid off. I guess that’s obviously my little microcosm. Regardless, the stink continues and we must persevere in keeping ourselves up, confident and steadfast. Pink Slippers, stand tall. Something’s coming soon! I just know it!

Happy Birthday, Coca-Cola!

diet-cokeHappy birthday to Atlanta’s hometown icon, Coca-Cola!

The company that brought us Diet Crack(er, Coke) turns 123 years old today. Remember, this is also the enterprise that introduced us to the 1985 colossal debacle known as New Coke.

See? Anyone can bounce back!