Recession Weekend

I was really hoping for a pool day today, but it’s overcast and gloomy…AGAIN! So, I’ve been running around town with my UPiC (“Unemployed Partner-in-Crime” for uninitiated Pink Slippers). We went to Target (great sales on sandals and cute tops this weekend!) and had lunch al fresco at McDonald’s. Sad how that Mickey D’s treat is as uplifting to me now as it was when I was a kid scarfing down Happy Meals and hot fudge sundaes. Lunch for $3.23. What more could you ask for?

And miracles never cease–I have a date tonight! We’re going to the 5:30 movie at the Plaza, which I know will be cheap. I’m sure cheap beer will follow.

Ahhhh…the recession…


3 responses to “Recession Weekend

  1. Now that I’m funemployed, nothing makes me happier than saving money, even if it means going to lunch at McDonalds for 3 bucks. I’m the new queen of coupons too.

    Have fun on your date!

  2. Don’t we love dates.. LOL! Still not completely sure of the whole protocol of it? Lately been running into one dinner and sex is expected.. LOL.

  3. OK–I love the term “funemployed”!!!!!!!!!!!

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