Mindless Movie Monday: Forever Love

rebaConfession: I watch “Reba”. I know! I know! It’s the worst TV program ever cast, produced and put on the air. Well, maybe “Small Wonder” and “She’s the Sheriff” were worse, but I digress. “Reba” has served as a so-terrible-it’s fabulous escape in times of stress. And who can’t love Reba McEntire? Well, if you put the TV on mute. If I weren’t from the south, I wouldn’t think that super-country accent was even possible.

So today’s Mindless Movie is for the Reba-devoted (wherever you are). Reba stars with Tim Matheson (such a hottie from “Animal House”) and Bess Armstrong (mom from underrated amazing teen drama “My So-Called Life” — ahhhh, Jordan Catalano!) in a cheese-tastic TV movie about a wife and mom who wakes up from a 20-year coma to find her daughter is getting married and her best friend is putting the emotional make on her long-suffering, still-in-love-with-her lawyer hubby. Drama ensues.

Lifetime Movie Network, 2 p.m. ET


4 responses to “Mindless Movie Monday: Forever Love

  1. Small Wonder! That show was terribly awesome. Remember when the brother was doing drugs and blamed it on Vicki?

  2. Hey there…just found your blog through twitter. I loveeee Reba! I watch re-runs of her sitcom every evening! I can’t say I’m a fan of her music, although, I do enjoy her song “Take it Back”. P.S. I got my pink slip in October of ’09.

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