MPS Newsstand: Marie Claire June 2009

beyonce-marie-claire-june-2009-coverThe Good:

  • Beyonce on cover. I just like her, and I love that she’s telling all the boys to “put a ring on it”
  • Up-front fashion spreads. Granted, there are still Roger Vivier wedge espadrilles and Cartier watches, but there are equal amounts Gap, Timex and American Eagle
  • “What the Guys I Date Don’t Know”, pg. 69. About a girl born with rare body deformations and her dating woes. She talks about navigating men’s stupidity and how she keeps her chin up. See, things could be worse than looking for work
  • Library Card sidebar on pg. 78 – love the budget-friendly suggestion to borrow books. We love libraries! Help keep ’em in business!
  • The Careerist, pg. 90 – pretty decent advice on layoff insurance and how to keep your job in a tough environment. Not sure I like the “Tracy Flick” suggestion, but the rest of the “Pink-Slip Promotion” tips are sound
  • Recession-Proof Your Skin – tips for maximizing your skin care dollar
  • The Eating Diaries, pg. 172 – discusses how what you eat affects your skin, mind, energy and mood
  • Head Case, pg. 178 – stress, migraines and lost work. Offers tips on prevention and news on possible treatments
  • My horoscope – pretty durn positive. Looks like I’m going to have a hot date!

The Bad:

  • Beauty Buys, pg. 54.  Who has $175 for Estee Lauder solid perfumes??
  • Story on Indian customer service reps. When I read about the issues involved, I wonder why they take those jobs overseas in the first place. I know. I know. It’s $$$. And, it’s not the fault of the Indians working for our American companies. They’re just trying to make a rupee
  • Laser 101 – High Tech Skin Savers, pg. 164. Who in the hell can afford it?

The Ugly:

  • An “exclusive” look at Ashley Olsen’s “brand-new do”. She gets a cut by a high profile stylist, MC posts it minute-by-minute in progress. It literally looks like he blindfolded himself (which I know he didn’t b/c he’s in the pictures) and hacked away at her hair like Edward Scissorhands without the Scissorhands results. It’s heinous. Much like the Olsen twins’ wardrobes (post-“Full House”, that is)
  • Tropic Thunder beach fashion spread – the only people that could afford these clothes are socialites gracing the beaches of St. Barts. And that’s not us.  The “Shop the Shoot” companion page is more palatable.

The Verdict: Four Pink Slips. Nice balance of recession-worthy stories, serious profiles and luxury items we can dare to dream about. You can tell they’ve been diligent about taking our economic temperature and reflecting it in their pages.



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