Cheap Thrill with a Chill, Part Deux

I forgot about two other incredible sweet, low-cal treats that I’ve been enjoying. As with the Crystal Light popsicles, they’re much cheaper (by the individual piece) than going out for an Icee, fro-yo or Baskin-Robbins.BUG_58150_Candy_Bar_V2

Weight Watchers Candy Bars – tastes just like a Snickers ice cream bar. Comes in a box of six and has 3 WW points. From “each delicious, milk-chocolate-coated Candy Bar is filled with creamy, low-fat, peanut butter ice cream, topped with a rich caramel ribbon and crunchy peanuts. To make it even sweeter, each bar has only 150 calories, 9 grams of fat and 3 grams of fiber.” It is heaven!

Target store-brand mini 100-calorie Drumstick/King Cone-like ice cream cones. Can’t remember the actual name or the cost, but they’re soooo good! And, they’re from Target, so they can’t be expensive.

Enjoy! I’m about to go grab another Candy Bar right now.


2 responses to “Cheap Thrill with a Chill, Part Deux

  1. Thanks for the tip on the Target cones! I’m going to have to hunt those down 🙂

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