Don’t Give a Damn ‘Bout Your [Online] Reputation? Your Next Employer Sure Does

It’s not just teen girls texting or emailing pictures of their boobs to the high school football stud. Grownups – yes, that means you – have just as much to worry about when it comes to their online activity. In fact, your next job could be at risk! In a recent e-newsletter from Pink Magazine, executive recruiting experts ExecuNet reported that 77 percent of employers do searches on job candidates; 35 percent of those have axed prospects based on what they find.

Online reputation management has become big business. And for good reason. Even I put my radar up: New Year’s Eve landed right after my last day at the old job, and we had a nice, little house party at a girlfriend’s house. Just 10-15 friends, gourmet party food, wine, a good iMix, etc. Well, I was – as my dad would say – “overserved”. Three days later, the hostess posts pics to her Facebook page, and there I am getting jiggy with it with my black sequin tank top and jeans covered in Chardonnay. I’m sweaty and obviously drunk. I freaked out and had her not only untag the pic but also remove it. I was in prime job hunting mode and couldn’t risk that beaut going anywhere – no matter if she kindly had her pictures set for only friends to view or not.

And don’t think you’re immune from that 10-year old photo of you doing a keg stand. People are posting old sorority/fraternity party pics in droves. I’m just waiting for a “good” one to surface…

Educate yourself fast. Please don’t allow yourself to unknowingly look like an ass online. Below are three links for more information:

  • David Ramel discusses online reputation management and the job search in May’s Computerworld
  • Duct Tape Marketing has listed 34 great online reputation management tools
  • Purewire Trust is a free online site where you can verify your reputation information as well as info on those with whom you interact online

Have you had any reasons to be worried? Spill it. I told you mine, didn’t I?


One response to “Don’t Give a Damn ‘Bout Your [Online] Reputation? Your Next Employer Sure Does

  1. Really good points here. I worry about my nephew, who’s now in college and whom I see posting “questionable” photos on FB all the time. As for me: while I do have a FB account, I make sure to only have a few, very benign photos posted. And although it’s irritated friends of mine, I “un-tag” any old high school or college pics that they tag me in. Better off safe than sorry!

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