Pink Slipped Actors: They’re Just Like Us!


It’s been really busy this week, but now that I have 5 minutes to myself, I wish to reflect on something very important in my life. Television.

The TV upfronts have taken place, and we’re getting a look the folks giving the Pink Slip Nation some star power.  Like all of us, I’m sure they’ll land on their feet…or on “Dancing with the Stars” (wait! That’s the same thing!). But for now, let’s reflect on a small snapshot of this affected talent:

  • Cast of “My Name is Earl” — though I hear there’s a “save me” campaign in the works
  • Christina Applegate, “Samantha Who?” — Guess that People‘s recent “Most Beautiful” campaign didn’t quite pan out as hoped
  • Kristin Chenoweth, “Pushing Daisies” — At least she’s got Broadway. She won’t be out of work for long
  • Henry “Hank” Rutherford Hill, “King of the Hill” — Hey. Animation’s got its own unemployment line!
  • Kitt, “Knight Rider” — Was there ever a question about this one?
  • Brooke Shields, “Lipstick Jungle” — Now it’s officially official
  • Joanna Garcia, “Privileged” — Oh, you can’t go further downhill than “Reba” (which you know I watch like a trainwreck!)
  • Selma Blair, “Kath & Kim” — I’m sure Selma will return to the world of wearing black, Dieter-like dresses and getting f’ed up hairstyles. That oh-so-relevant publicity should get ‘er something new

Go visit Michael for more details on your Fall network lineup!


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