Look to the Stars if You’re in Need of Reinvention

I’m going to comment on my own post from yesterday about television upfronts, cancellations and actors getting the pink slip.

Just want to say that although we may experience twinges of schadenfreude when it comes to the “out of work actor”, these folks in entertainment are genius at reinvention and will always come up with solutions for survival.  We should look to them for inspiration.

TV pilot doesn’t get picked up? Movie roles not coming in? Well, write a book! Make an exercise video! Host a reality show! Create a handbag/jewelry/clothing/lingerie line. It all brings in the $$$. Granted, these are celebrity solutions, but your own “exercise video” is out there.

So, if you’re looking for a little reinvention, embrace these three tips I’ve learned from the stars. They could be very helpful to you in times of recession and unemployment:

  1. Act the part. No matter how bad the situation is, keep your chin up, smile and act confident. Nothing’s going to lick you! And as Scarlett O’Hara famously said, “Tomorrow is another day”
  2. Create a dream team. Just like celebs have publicists, agents, managers, stylists, life coaches, etc., you should take their lead and put together your own support team. Call on friends who are great at networking, self-promotion, organization, brainstorming and image. Most importantly, enlist spiritual friends and others you can lean on psychologically and emotionally
  3. Get creative. Leverage your other talents and interests. Believe me, you have them, and God gave them to you to use! Maybe this is the time to uncover your photography interests, your desire to give back through non-profits, your dormant creative writing ability, whatever. Try something new! You might find you’re good at it; and, it could help bring in the dough

3 responses to “Look to the Stars if You’re in Need of Reinvention

  1. omg… this is so good! i was laid off on wed and my chin has not come down at all! well, it has for a couple moments in time but i definitely gotta keep it movin… there’s money to be made in the world–i just gotta find my way of doing it!

    btw, i love love love your blog!

  2. Great tips, MPS! I’m a big believer in “fake it till you make it!”

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