Making a List, Checking It Twice…

to doHow many of you are kicking the job search into high gear post-Memorial Day weekend? Show of hands?

I’m sure most of you are. And this task can be daunting, tempting you to procrastinate and sit, coffee in hand, in front of another episode of “Maury” or “The Nanny”. Stop right there!

This may sound obvious, but all you need to do is make a list:

  1. Take a deep breath, gather your thoughts and make quick notes
  2. Look at your most recent emails and phone logs
  3. Create a list of immediate next steps. Notice I said “immediate”

If you can get some simple tasks out of the way, I assure you will feel like you’ve accomplished something and be motivated to tackle the rest.

Remember: Baby steps.

Now, get to it!


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