Introducing the Miss Pink Slip Mix Tape!

Oh, I love a mix tape. Don’t you? I think I still have one frommixtapemy high school boyfriend filled with Material Issue, The Smithereens and The Cult. Ahhhh….

The first rule about a mix tape is that there’s always an occasion for a mix tape. It’s a personal soundtrack featuring your own theme songs. When I got laid off, all I could think of were tunes that reflected my existence. When I was shocked, then pissed, there was 80’s alternative angst. When melancholy, there was Fergie. And on the climb up, some certifiable cheese worthy of any chick flick. I sang every song at the top of my lungs, sometimes in my car on the way back from a networking event or in my apartment after a bottle of “I feel sorry for myself” vino.

Now that warm, festive weather is upon us, I want to debut my Miss Pink Slip Mix Tape. I hope you enjoy it and download a few of these tunes for your own enjoyment! You’ll go through the requisite roller coaster of emotions and, hopefully, end up in a happy place. After all, isn’t that the end goal of all mix tapes?

1.       State of Shock                                                         The Jacksons

2.       Kiss Off                                                                   Violent Femmes

3.   Somebody’s Crying                                                  Chris Isaak

4.       Big Cry                                                                     Sara Evans

5.       I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues              Elton John

6.       You’ve Got a Friend                                                 Carole King

7.   Big Girls Don’t Cry                                                   Fergie

8.   You Can’t Always Get What You Want                    The Rolling Stones

9.       Birth, School. Work, Death                                      The Godfathers

10.    Under Pressure                                                        David Bowie (w/ Queen)

11.    Tomorrow                                                                Aileen Quinn (“Annie”)

12.   Respect                                                                    Aretha Franklin

13.   Hit Me With Your Best Shot                                     Pat Benetar

14.   Livin’ on a Prayer                                                     Bon Jovi

15.   Holding Out for a Hero                                            Bonnie Tyler

16. New Attitude                                                            Patti LaBelle  

17.  I’m Every Woman                                                     Chaka Kahn

18.  She Works Hard for the Money                               Donna Summer

19.   9 to 5                                                                        Dolly Parton

20.   I Will Survive                                                            Gloria Gaynor

21. You Really Got Me                                                    Van Halen

22.   Don’t Stop Believin’                                                  Journey

23.   I Have Confidence                                                    Julie Andrews (Maria, “The Sound of Music”)

24. 25 Miles                                                                    Edwin Starr

25.   Happy Girl                                                                Martina McBride

26.   Good Vibrations                                                       Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch

27.   Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough                                Michael Jackson

28.   Superman                                                                 R.E.M.

29.   Time for Me To Fly                                                   REO Speedwagon

30.   It’s A Great Day to Be Alive                                     Travis Tritt
31. We Are The Champions                                      Queen

Have I forgotten one of your favorites?

10 responses to “Introducing the Miss Pink Slip Mix Tape!

  1. cuteellaisbold

    There’s a lot of good stuff on that mix tape!

  2. Genius. I’ll start downloading from iTunes … need custom album cover, ideas?

  3. Love the mix tape…the songs put a smile on my face! You should publish the playlist on iTunes.

  4. Oh, MPS, you are a genius! Love the cheese factor, too. Other favorites: “Take the Job and Shove It” (Johnny Paycheck-can’t beat the irony of that name) and “Hard Day’s Night” (The Beatles).

  5. I meant “Take This Job and Shove It.” Country music is the best for wallowing.

  6. How about Anne Murray’s A Little Good News…

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