Let’s Unleash the Experts: Gary Spinell Found Job Search Success With Two Key Tips

Thanks for this real-life perspective, Gary. Great ideas for any job search bag of tricks!

  1. Research and fully experience the company’s brand and product – Once, before Gary interviewed with a company, he ordered its product online. Why? This allowed him to examine if their Web site was easy to navigate, eye-catching, and then, if their delivery was speedy. This provided him all sorts of informed fodder for his interview conversation. He mentioned these details to the interviewer who was greatly impressed that he had thoroughly examined all aspects of their business
  2. Never ask someone if they know of a job opening – Whenever networking, Gary never asked anyone if they knew of a job opening. Is this surprising to you? Well, it worked for him. He asked if they could give him two names of people he could talk to. Also, he asked if they knew people not necessarily at the company he was interested in. He asked if they knew people at search firms, audit firms, banks (his background is finance), as well as chamber of commerce and volunteer organizations.

According to Gary, “All of these efforts worked for me.” Try one for yourself!

Gary Spinell


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