Do You Have a Plan B?

Friday’s New York Times Fashion & Style section boasted a piece called “What’s Your Backup Plan?” It got me thinking: If I hadn’t landed a job, what would I have done? What was my Plan B? And I’m not talking folding jeans at the Gap (but BTW–I would have done that).

As defined by writer Alex Williams, “Plan B typically offers less money and prestige than Plan A, but promises a more hands-on, stress-free and fulfilling existence.” Read the article–Alex’s journey into three “backup” jobs is pretty damn funny. Chocolatier or dog masseuse, anyone?

I’ll be honest: If  PR hadn’t worked out for me, I have absolutely no idea what I would have done. If I had to dare to dream, I’d say write this blog. I love speaking to you guys every day. It’s so fun, and I can do it for hours without batting an eyelash. If that hadn’t worked out, I suppose I could have gone for Broadway superstar.

What’s your Plan B?


7 responses to “Do You Have a Plan B?

  1. I thought I had a Plan B – even though I was shocked and dismayed when the actual layoff took place. My Plan B was a freelance sort of plan (piggybacking off of hubby’s contacts) – one I may still execute. But it’s not a career – at least not the career I hope to land in.

    I’m lucky – I have great severance and so a while to figure out this “next step.” I may go with Plan B – or C or D or E or the many other crazy ideas I’ve cooked up over the past four weeks. Or maybe I’ll go work at J.Crew, if that reality show thing doesn’t work out….

  2. You go for it! I really wish I could make those crazy dreams reality. If you work at J.Crew, let me know if you get a good discount! 🙂

  3. These days, EVERYONE needs a Plan B, whether you have a job or not. When entire industries are affected, such as the financial services, manufacturing, or retail sectors, workers in these industries, having spent a lifetime nurturing careers, find themselves with no where to turn for their next opportunity. These persons are our future entrepreneurs.

  4. I took it for granted for a long time that I didn’t need a Plan B. But after nearly losing my job last week I realized how stupid and naive that was. I ended up renegotiating my salary, and although I’m hopeful it’ll go back up when things pick up, I’m not counting on it.

    I work in marketing and so my Plan B is to take some classes to brush up my web skills and move in a different direction.

  5. Broadway superstar or Lifetime superstar? LOL

    My plan B is freelance work, but it takes time to build on itself. Sometimes you feel like you’re constantly chasing work. All I can do is be patient and hope it starts to pick up more.

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