You Could Learn Something from “Schooled”: A Book Review in Brief

schooled_book_launchRemember this book by Anisha Lakhani I was reading the other day? Well, I finished it and here’s what I learned:

Being ambitious + being a do-gooder + living in NYC = Prada-hungry, money-grubbing do-gooder with no scruples or self-respect, but a really hot bag

Seriously? I loved Schooled. Read it in about three sittings. Despite choosing a questionable path, the lead character/teacher-in-the-making is likable…even when she’s wayearnest and even when she eventually gets a little too obsessed with the new Chanel tote. I also adored the description of her school-subsidized apartment on NYC’s Upper East Side: A perfect, detailed portrait. Felt like I was back in my old 29th St. studio!

The book is fun, frothy and makes you realize that the job you want isn’t necessarily the one you get (It may also keep you on birth control for another 20 years). So, be careful when signing on that dotted line! And keep yourself in check! Remember what your mama taught you: Money doesn’t buy happiness or a conscience.


One response to “You Could Learn Something from “Schooled”: A Book Review in Brief

  1. I’m happy over looked at such a hard applicable article, I boost the comfort get infant opportunity to keep reading it.

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