Let’s Unleash the Experts: The Most Unique Job Search Story EVER. It Involves Puppets. Curious? Read On…


This might be one of the most unique job search tales I’ve ever heard. And it’s true. Couldn’t make it up if I tried (kind of wish I had). Here’s the story:

“When I was laid off from a high-paying Internet marketing position last September, I knew for my own sanity, I’d have to do something to stick out and also to establish my personal brand – especially because I was transitioning full-time into PR after 20 years as a journalist. I’m a true creative and felt it important to establish that to any potential employers. Also, even though I have consulted for major PR firms like Hill & Knowlton, Fleishman Hillard and Edelman, the lack of ‘agency experience’ was used against me. So I knew I had to stick out in some way. How did I do that? By using my daughter’s puppets and creating a YouTube series called PR Puppet Theatre where I offered PR advice to my puppet clients.

“I then pitched it to various places, including CNBC, which called it “must-see entertainment/education for every PR flack. I also used that when pitching agencies about my services, and my current boss hired me because of it, figuring rightly that if I can teach puppets about PR (and get press from CNBC), I should be able to help him. He was right on the money. In my second month on the job, I single-handedly tied a record for TV placements that had previously been set by three people.”


Okay, people, the bar has officially been set.

Kudos to David Moye! That is way out and wacky. And I love it!

David Moye is with Alternative Strategies, a San Diego-based PR agency.


One response to “Let’s Unleash the Experts: The Most Unique Job Search Story EVER. It Involves Puppets. Curious? Read On…

  1. From my experience, for people looking for a job, it is often beneficial to approach some of the job agencies around because they have the business contacts and you can get much more exposure through them than you would if you were to be looking in a newspaper or even online job search.

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