You’re Fired! Miss California Carrie Prejean Gets the Axe – What Can You Learn?

I know I’m late on this one, but there’s a lesson to be learned for the unemployed and struggling.

2009 Miss California USA Carrie Prejean

Carrie Prejean has found herself without a job, and now lawyers, pundits and everyone else with a pulse (including annoying bloggers–ha ha) are weighing in, hurling accusations at one another and polluting our news feeds with this tiring drama. Again, my perspective and angle of this post have NOTHING to do with the gay marriage issue. I’m looking at this event as a perfect example of what can happen when you let your emotions get the best of you.

I stand by my previous post (see below). I think Carrie has the right to her opinion – whether or not I agree with it. I think Perez has the right to his opinion – no matter how obnoxious he may be. Let’s face it: You must be authentic and support your true beliefs in order to represent your self honestly.  BUT…if those beliefs and values clash with others, don’t create an ugly, immature fight. Don’t keep stoking the fires. Also, don’t keep putting yourself out there as a martyr. You will get burned.

Sometimes it’s best to let things go and MOVE ON. You’ll look like the bigger person and put yourself on the path to something more productive. That goes not just for Carrie Prejean and Perez Hilton but also for everyone else involved in this hubbub, for people being laid off, people in arguments within the workplace, with a family member, whatever.

What Job Seekers Can Learn from Miss California vs. Perez Hilton:


2 responses to “You’re Fired! Miss California Carrie Prejean Gets the Axe – What Can You Learn?

  1. Welcome to unemployment Ms California!! Congrats to #2… you’re no longer unemployed!

    The 405 Club
    NY’ers on $405/week for unemployment.

  2. I wonder how much she’ll get per week.

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