Follow-Up on Unemployment and Online Dating

You may remember that last week I asked your advice for a friend who’s currently unemployed but eager to date. She has done and eHarmony, but just doesn’t have the money for monthly fees right now. I asked what you thought about spending money for online dating sites when you don’t have a job. Just wanted to share some feedback I’ve gleaned from some of you terrific readers out there!

  • JDate has a way to have a profile without paying, so I’d assume other sites are the same. Then you just make your username the same as your instant message name and hope they find you!”
  • Check out It’s free. Also, may be free at some point in the near future
  • Online dating can give you something to look forward to while you’re job hunting

I had more responses, but those were the best nuggets.

Check out these Advice Vixens
On a related note, I have to tell y’all to check out (yes, from Elle Magazine’s grande dame of advice, E. Jean Carroll) for access to her Advice Vixens. You just type in your question, and you get tips, suggestions and insight straight from the mouths of women like you! Those ladies are on it, too! I got responses five minutes after submitting my questions.

Sure beats $100 an hour for a shrink!

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5 responses to “Follow-Up on Unemployment and Online Dating

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  2. There are also phone chat line completely free and I guess online dating is fun and less expensive. Good luck to your friend.

  3. Great blog,i’ve tried to sign up for your rss feed but couldn’t,is there a problem ? Keep up good work btw.

  4. Thank you so much for this. The events in Gaza are so depressing that one often forgets that there are good things happening in the region and around the world.

  5. Hey may I notation some of the word from this blog if I relation retire from to you?

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