Sanford’s Sappy e-Sentiments – When Will We Ever Learn Not Everything Is Meant for E-mail?

art_sanford_head_down_giGovernor Sanford is just another example of why we need to be more cautious than ever about what we put in writing. Did we not learn anything from Congressional staffer Elizabeth Becton? Charlie Sheen? John Edwards and his cronies? I could go on with examples, but I think you get the picture. I’ve always been told, “Don’t put anything in writing you wouldn’t want your Mama to read or printed in the New York Times.” Go figure.

Now, courtesy of the Internet, we’re able to enjoy Gov. Sanford’s romantic musings and poetic “beatitudes” toward the lovely, lustful woman known only as “Maria”. God, how embarrassing! Nora Roberts, he ain’t.

The Governor sure as hell doesn’t have a future in politics now, but I wonder if some publishers might be courting him to pen a scintillating romance novel: Argentinian Affair? Gubernatorial Lust? Bumpin’ Uglies in Buenos Aires? This could be a whole new career path for this Southern gentleman.

Seriously, people. Before you send one more resume, clean up your online act before something salacious comes back to bite you in the ass. I’ve posted several stories about online reputation recently. Here they are in case you’re interested:

More on Sanford’s E-mails…

Photo: Getty Images


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