Happy National Unemployment Day!


I know I’m late on the draw, but Happy National Unemployment Day!

According to my friends at Crackpot Press, National Unemployment Day is “a day set aside to celebrate the joys of not having to go to a job”. My buddy @unemployedbush is celebrating over on Twitter. Go give him “best wishes”!

And it’s a perfect day to celebrate, isn’t it?

Unemployment is at 9.5%, the highest since August 1983, and we added 467,000 unemployed folks to the rolls in June. Makes you wonder if this anticipated recovery we keep hearing about is ever coming.

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3 responses to “Happy National Unemployment Day!

  1. well, there certainly are a lot of us! so many that we DESERVE a national holiday! and i have to tell you – lately, i’m pretty damn happy being among the ranks of the unemployed. i don’t want to write my next blog post right here – but suffice it to say, being unemployed can be a good thing – because it can lead to MUCH better things (tangible and intangible) than you ever thought possible in the world of the suits.

  2. Yeah happy Unemployment Day to all, just don’t stay on that holiday long

  3. The definitive solution to unemployment already exists. – Do you want to know how? Watch Zeitgeist Addendum NOW at zeitgeistmovie.com

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