Have Today Off? Get Thee to the Multiplex for “The Hangover”

20090611-the-hangoverFittingly, I’m extremely hungover. Yes, I know it’s almost 3 p.m.

Two girlfriends and I finished off about four bottles of white wine last night in a July 4th weekend kick-off. It hurts. Really bad. My hair looks like Malcolm Gladwell’s, my head feels like Lou Ferrigno punched me and I think I smell. But at least I didn’t wake up to a baby in the closet or a tiger in my bathroom.

In a fit of inspiration, I wanted to tell you that if you need a cheap laugh this weekend, you must hit a matinee to see “The Hangover”. If only to see hottie McHotpants Bradley Cooper. Wow. All I can say. When he dons a sleek Armani-esque black suit and shirt for the boys night on the town, let me just say I literally gasped in the theater. Most importantly, though, the movie is downright hysterical. After yesterday’s crappy unemployment report, we can all use as many laughs as we can get. “The Hangover” is the perfect antidote.


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