Looking for a New Career? Seems Hair and Makeup Is Where It’s At!

jessica_simpsonPage Six in the NY Post (ahhh–one of my favorite guilty pleasures) reported today that Jessica Simpson is having VH1 fork out $25,000 per episode to have hair and makeup done for her new reality show, “The Price of Beauty”.  Shoot, if it cost me that much to be presentable, I’d be downright depressed!

So if you’re seeking for a new career direction, it looks like you might want to head on over to your local beauty school. These beauty folks in the entertainment industry obviously have a lot of earning potential.

I’m in PR, and when we work with celebrities, we often hire hair and makeup artists. I see what they make. Each time I ink my name on a $5,000 invoice for a day’s work, it makes me wish I’d considered my career path a little differently. 

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not all glamorous. Glamorous-sounding jobs rarely are. It’s hard work, long days and you can deal with some testy personalities, but still. $25,000? Per episode? Wow.



One response to “Looking for a New Career? Seems Hair and Makeup Is Where It’s At!

  1. Wow! That’s simply amazing. So if they’re paying 25K just for her hair & makeup & styling, what are they paying HER? [salary, I mean].

    I personally think that Tony Romo broke up w/ her b/c she’s TOO high maintenance. I think he was too down to earth to put up with all that.

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