Today’s Cheap Thrill: Domino Magazine, Revisited

domino_village_3565This morning, I was looking for some past issues of Domino for a work project, and I had forgotten that I’d saved about three years’ worth of the now-defunct, yet brilliant and sorely missed style/design publication.

As I thumbed through a couple of the issues (November 2005 and September 2006, to be exact), I began oohing and ahhhing over the unexpected color combinations, the decor tips, the clutter cures, the chic makeovers and meticulously culled accessories. It was as if I was reading those issues for the first time.

Then, it came to me. Without spending any money on additional home magazines (yeah, that’s you, Elle Decor and House Beautiful), I was not only recycling old issues, I was also enjoying them as much as I had when I pulled them out of the mailbox back in 2005! It was all new to me.

How fabulous! I know now that I have oodles of hours ahead of free entertainment and education, thanks to some old, stowaway magazines and timeless editing.

I still spit on Conde Nast for removing this thing of beauty from our world.

Do you re-read old magazines? Are you as much of a magazine whore as I am?

7 responses to “Today’s Cheap Thrill: Domino Magazine, Revisited

  1. I miss Budget Living Magazine; did you ever read that one? It ran from 2002-2006, and was AWESOME. And talk about a title we need today in this recession! I wish they’d bring it back. I was lucky enough to find 4 back issues at a flea market last year (10-cents each!) which just about completed the set of the other back issues I had.

  2. You are so resourceful!

    I LOVED Budget Living. So fresh, so hip and creative! Sarah Gray Miller – a fellow southern girl – did wonders with that publication as editor in chief!

  3. Budget Living and Domino. I’m feeling nostalgic! With the recession killing most of my favorite magazines – and bad editorial choices destroying the rest – I’m down to 3 monthly subscriptions from about 15. So sad!

  4. Ummm…my stacks of ReadyMade and Lucky are sitting on my bedside table and probably date back to 2006. Sometimes I reach over and pick out one “Russian Roulette Style” to thumb through, because let’s be honest. I can’t afford new ones.

    SO Resourceful. Nice to know I’m not alone in this.


  5. i keep hoping that they rethink the mag and make a quarterly which would be fine with me…but going cold turkey has been quite depressing. i am so glad that i too am a mag whore and have every single issue along with real simple. i had to shut my eyes and throw out about 200 mags since my friends were ready to call Oprah and submit me for a horders segment. oh well…back to the holiday 2008 issue…and budget living was quite brilliant – like apartment life before it became metro hole…yuck

  6. I loved BL…I got married in a small ceremony back then, and found my outfit in that mag!

    Does anyone remember the article about the girl who had her photo taken dressed all different ways at the Kmart photo studio for an art project? I think of that all the time, it was awesome.

    Sarah Gray Miller is editor at Country Living now–the staff photo section is like what she did at BL. I have hopes for that magazine to improve.

    mag whore

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