In Memoriam: MPS’ “Top 10 John Hughes Hotties” of All Time

This has nothing toJakeRyan do with unemployment, job hunting or the recession, but it has everything to do with the formative years for many readers of this blog.

Iconic writer, producer and director John Hughes died of a heart attack yesterday in New York City at the age of 59. Everything I can say about him has already been written, so with that, please indulge me as I salute this filmmaker with my own personal list of
Top 10 John Hughes Hotties”.

I’ll remember John Hughes best for bringing into my life some of the cutest guys I’ll ever know. Thanks, Mr. Hughes!

  1. Jake Ryan – If ever there was a guy I wanted to sit on my dining room table with, eat birthday cake with and give my underwear to, it’s him. God — the Porsche, the cute rolled jeans, Top Siders and sweater vest. I get giddy and girly just thinking about him!
  2. John Bender – He was the kid in my high school who listened to Metallica and Slayer all day long while smoking cigarettes in the parking lot…and these days, I wish I could go back in time and date him! BTW–I love Judd Nelson and his dark hair, eyes and prominent nose. Just love him!
  3. Steff – It’s well documented in this blog how much I love James Spader’s snobby, detestable Steff from “Pretty in Pink”. The linen suit, smirk, feathery blonde locks…I met a guy one night at Automatic Slim’s in NYC, and he was Steff in the flesh. I hit on him so hard it was embarrassing. We did make out, though. Eureka!
  4. Cameron Frye – Everyone loves Ferris. It’s too easy. But, Alan Ruck’s pathetic Cameron stole my heart. He was just pitiful. I felt sorry for him, wanted to hold his hand and take him to prom.
  5. Chet Donnelly – Asshole. But, a hot asshole. Bill Paxton is a mighty good looking man. I might have eaten a greasy pork sandwich served in a dirty ashtray just for him.
  6. Jake Briggs – How precious was Kevin Bacon’s Jake Briggs in “She’s Having a Baby”? Pitifully being forced to have sex on a schedule while having nightmarish visions of his in-laws critiquing his performance? However, it was his attic-dwelling, cigarette smoking writer persona I fell in love with.
  7. Davis McDonald – Do you note a pattern of bad boys here? Davis, played to perfection by Alec Baldwin, was Jake Briggs’ slimy friend and might be the sleaziest pal ever put on the face of the Earth. However, this was Alec Baldwin of the 80s, and no matter how smarmy he was, he was hot!
  8. Jack Butler – Michael Keaton’s “Jack” from “Mr. Mom” makes a surprising appearance on this list. I think it was the way he fought for his woman, the adorable Teri Garr, as she was practically molested by her boss Ron, played by Martin Mull. Or maybe it was how he made a grilled cheese with an iron and battled for his kid’s woobie with a vacuum cleaner. Either way, love him. 
  9. Anthony Michael Hall – I don’t list a character name here, because everything Anthony Michael Hall was in seemed to begin with this red-haired boy as a total goon who became an endearing doll. The way he manuevered the Rolls? So adorable. Writing a brilliant treatise for Dick Vernon in study hall? Smart and insightful.
  10. Long Duk Dong – Really. Was there ever any doubt he would make my list?

13 responses to “In Memoriam: MPS’ “Top 10 John Hughes Hotties” of All Time

  1. you’ve forgotten the dishy Owen from Planes, Trains and Automobiles:

  2. I love your list! And we must have similar tastes, because your top 3 would be mine, also

  3. Yes, Long Duk Dong is the bomb! He is my namesake, Banzai!

  4. Yes, Long Duk Dong is the bomb! He is my namesake, Banzai!

  5. OMG, I’m soooo sad. I’ve never gotten teary eyed over any celebrity, but this one I cried! I LOVE my 80’s movies, and any movie there after, if I really enjoyed would be no surprise when John Hughes name would pop up! That’s when I realized, hey, that John Hughes really makes movies for me!

    I love this post of yours! I’m actually going to take your idea (the best form of flatery) and do something similar on my blog. I’m going to make note of all the characters I fell in love with from his films. Some of them, I saw above…

    Wow, he passed away much too soon, too young, and it saddens me to think what future movies he’ll be unable to share.

  6. hehe, dont worry Miss Pink Slip, thats a pretty sweet list you have there.
    Pretty In Pink Slip… a new teen movie for the credit crunch era, perhaps?

    • Not sure what else recession-era we could fit in:
      * hand-me-down prom dress – CHECK!
      * no money for college – CHECK!
      * out of work dad – CHECK!
      * carpooling – CHECK!
      * douchebag rich people flaunting their wealth – CHECK!

      Oh! Maybe Blaine’s dad could get arrested for misuse of corporate funds! 🙂

  7. haha, Ferris Bueller wouldnt be able to afford his synth. One of those bad boys cost $8k in the mid-80s, according to imdb trivia

  8. what about Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Helping Out At His Dad’s Office…? id pay to see that. well, i wouldnt, but you know what i mean

  9. OMG LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. I’m still aiming high for someone like Jake Ryan!

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