Is Someone Getting Pink Slipped on “Mad Men”?


Not sure if you watched Sunday night’s third season premiere of “Mad Men”(the AMC hit nabbed 2.8 million viewers — up 34% from last year’s first episode), but I got the impression that Sterling Cooper’s recent take over and the previews for upcoming episodes are laying the groundwork for someone to get the axe at our favorite Madison Avenue ad agency.

I thought Pete Campbell and Ken Cosgrove were going in for a good old- fashioned firing on Sunday, but surprise! They emerged co-heads of accounts (for you die-hard fans, don’t email me that I’m an idiot. I know Duck promised Pete that role in season two, but Duck didn’t show up in this episode). Still, changes are definitely in motion and drama is sure to ensue.

Do you think someone’s getting laid off/let go/fired/pink slipped on “Mad Men”? Who would you like to see go? Who would you fight for?


7 responses to “Is Someone Getting Pink Slipped on “Mad Men”?

  1. But wait…someone DID get the pink slip on Mad Men: the OLD head of accounts, thereby setting up the Pete/Ken rivalry as new co-heads of accounts. And didn’t you love how when they gave him the news, they said something like “this isn’t easy on any of us”.

    • Hello! You are so right! How could I be so spacey? I loved his exit–so innappropriate, so “what not to do”. And they thought they were being so considerate waiting until his wife finished cancer treatment…so caring, that Sterling Cooper!

  2. I kind of hope Pete goes – I can’t handle his creepiness or asshole-ish-ness.

  3. I think it will be Dan. Then he will start his own agency.

  4. It’s getting dicier since Duck re-emerged on the scene…

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