Josh and Reva Join the Unemployment Line

josh-and-revaI never watched it (more of a “Y&R” fan myself), but “Guiding Light” is ending today after 72 years on the air! Unfortunately, that means legends like Robert Newman (“Josh”) and Kim Zimmer (“Reva”) will be joining millions of unemployed Americans in the hunt for new work.

Wonder which daytime serial is next. Will Peter Reckell (“Bo”), Kristian Alfonso (“Hope”) and the cast of “Days of Our Lives” be next?,,20304400,00.html


5 responses to “Josh and Reva Join the Unemployment Line

  1. MPS, I’m a fan and I grew up on this show! And on my work-from-home Fridays, I would usually watch it, and catch up on Josh, Reva, and all the other characters in Springfield. So I was really bummed several months ago when it was announced that the show was ending. I realize that ratings were falling, but I was hoping that another network would pick it up. Oh well….
    The only consolation for us GL fans is that in recent weeks they’ve been wrapping up most of the storylines with happy endings 🙂

  2. It’s sad that soap operas are obviously going the way of the dinosaur.

  3. MPS, someone is missing the dollar signs here. Meaning: why don’t they air OLD episodes of classic soap operas? They repeat Dallas on cable, don’t they? Heck, I’d PAY to watch GL (within reason, of course). Someone is missing a big business here, as I’m sure I’m not the only one interested in watching GL from 1980-on.

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