Three Things Job Hunters Can Learn From Jon Gosselin

jongosselin_edhardyIt was only a matter of time before TLC axed father-of-eight and douchebag du jour Jon Gosselin from its hit “Jon & Kate Plus 8”. The writing was on the wall, and still, I think the Ed Hardy-clad cad was shocked.

What can you learn from this debacle? A lot.

  1. If you’re trying to keep the job you have, make yourself indispensible. That means not abandoning your responsibilities. In fact, you should be doing your job better than ever before. If not, you’re rendering yourself useless. You’re no loss…you’re a liability. Jon Gosselin should be chauffeuring that passenger van, coaching Little League, making brownies for Girl Scouts and braiding pigtails outside his Pennsylvania home…all with a big, whitened-tooth grin on his face. He should be shooting for Father of the Year honors.
  2. If you get let go, go gracefully. If you don’t, that’s what people will remember most about you. For goodness sake, don’t bad-mouth your former employer, either. Making the national talk show circuit with your lawyer in tow isn’t going to do much for your reputation except make you look like a crybaby who lost a third grade kickball game. See also  Melissa Rivers on “Celebrity Apprentice”.
  3. If you’re looking for a new job, put your best face forward. The best face you’ve ever put forth in your life. If, like Jon, you’re partying with jailbait, busting the budget and spending your time courting sleazy tabloids, your reputation is going to stink like bad cologne I imagine Jon is wearing. People will avoid you like the plague.

What else can we learn from Jon Gosselin? When will TLC finally give Kate the boot? When will the kids launch an internal revolution and overthrow their captors…er parents?

21 responses to “Three Things Job Hunters Can Learn From Jon Gosselin

  1. Brilliant! I love it (though would really be happy if he just vanished altogether).

  2. haha, well done! I like the part about not abandoning your responsibilities.

  3. hillarious & witty! lol

  4. Isn’t another one that if you marry a complete cow you get more patience from the public when you act like a fool?

    • Women should never, never be called cows. How disrepectful to all women. So you are acting like all women you have children are cows. Jerk!

      • E. Michael Martin

        Oh please, calling one woman a cow is no different than calling one man a pig. He was pointing out what a complete waste of water and salt Kate Gosselin is. He wasn’t talking about women in general.

  5. Genius!

  6. I don’t think children should be exploited on reality shows nor should marriages. I think living in the limelight is tough on both. Still, Jon is a little late on suddenly caring for his children television exposure. Hence, the multi-million dollar house and I suspect, accounts. Because he is suddenly just now challenging the morality of it through the courts his intentions are suspect. Is he doing this for the kids or to get back at his wife? We will never know.

  7. No, Rob, it isn’t. That “cow” bore him EIGHT children. She gets a pass if sometimes she was a little cranky when getting him to do the simplest task was like molar removal, while she herself was able to bear, daily clothe and twice daily feed EIGHT children.

  8. I don’t even watch the show, but everything you said is sooo true!

  9. Eric Frost-Barnes

    Great post! As a man, I must separate myself from a d-bag like Jon. Why this clown (or Kate for that matter) has become a semi-celebrity is way beyond my understanding…

  10. do me a favor jon stop playing the victim god don’t like ugly and he’s not crazy about pretty either stop making kate the villian if i had eight kids to take of now i would be bitch too, and you want to have a reality show behind all of this drama you cause please you deserve nothing! See you don’t want to be you! Peace Out!

  11. good post , that’s true.

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