What Surprises Are in Store for You in 2010?

I love surprises. Unfortunately, I’m also very impatient.

I’m the girl who reads the last chapter of a suspenseful book first. As a pre-teen, I opened all my presents under the Christmas tree and re-wrapped them before Mom could find out. I read online re-caps of TV shows (i.e., “Mad Men”) before I’ve had the chance to watch them. I’ve already scanned every horoscope I can get my hands on for January, February and the 10 other months ahead. I just can’t get enough of anticipating what the future holds. I think it’s because I’m desperate for this year to be brilliant.

I know I’m not the only one happy to see 2009 in the rearview mirror. I learned so much over the past year, and for that I’m extremely grateful. However, I’m in the need of some true-blue optimism…and soon. The good thing is, I feel it coming. Do you?

It’s hard to remember that God doesn’t readily offer answers. It’s a wait-and-see world. All we can do is trust, hope and believe that something great is ahead.

How are you approaching 2010? Are you hopeful for good things to come?


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